TRC Preclean, fully automated pre-cleaning of wood surfaces

Automated system for removing soft, loose damaged parts.

TRC Preclean enables automated pre-cleaning of wood surfaces. Before repairing defects – before filling – it used to be necessary to manually pre-clean raw planks. For example, bark inclusions or soft parts are removed from knotholes while cracks or similar defects are cleaned. The TRC Preclean scans the defects, evaluates the data, and processes these areas, leaving the wood with a completely natural appearance.


Process-optimized alternate processing of two clamping tables allows secondary processes such as loading and unloading, scanning, and evaluation to be carried out while defects are being cleaned. The TRC Preclean can be upgraded with additional modules and can process plank layers and boards up to 2,500 x 1,300 mm.


Wood dimensions:

Length: Up to 2,500 mm
Width: Up to 1,300 mm

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