Thin-cutting band saws

Thanks to their flexible design and their extremely low cutting loss, the latest generation of WINTERSTEIGER thin- cutting band saws offers customers amazing performance while at the same time boosting efficiency. These gains result from savings in both materials and machine time that have a positive effect for any kind of application.

No matter whether you are cutting wood or alternative materials, wet or dry conditions, irrespective of plank dimensions or XXL formats, requests for a single cut or a high-capacity production line – WINTERSTEIGER assures the most precise cut with the lowest possible material loss.

Veneer cut

1 mm top layer

Due to the price increase for high-quality lumber, there is an increasing trend towards thinner top layers. The combination of the WINTERSTEIGER DSG Notum thin-cutting frame saw and the DSB Compact XM thin-cutting band saw with feeding magazine makes it possible to saw veneers that are just 1 mm thick. The thin-cutting band saw and the cutting process have been optimized to ensure even rustic woods can be sawn.

Combining these WINTERSTEIGER machines provides a technical solution that allows users to produce efficiently and consistently high quality sawn veneers that are just 1 mm thick.


This veneer cutting process enables you to maximize the yield of your valuable raw material.