DSB Compact XM
Thin-cutting band saw

DSB Compact XM Thin-cutting band saw

Single-module thin-cutting band saw.

DSB Compact XM Thin-cutting band saw

Single-module thin-cutting band saw.

An attractive entry into the world of precision wood cutting.

If you are looking for maximum results with minimum outlay in wood cutting, your first choice for precision thin-cutting has to be the DSB Compact XM.


  • Maximum flexibility for a wide range of uses
  • Maximum thin-cutting precision
  • Unique price-performance ratio
  • Cutting width of up to 318 mm

Your benefits summed up:

Enter the world of precision thin-cutting

  • Unique price-performance ratio
  • Machine and tools developed and manufactured by WINTERSTEIGER
  • From the world market leader in precision thin-cutting

Maximum precision for your requirements

  • Solid-cast construction of all major machine components
  • Innovative, automatically self-cleaning conveyor belt feed system
  • Long lasting high-tech carbon guide

User-friendly operation & worldwide service

  • Central operating terminal with touchscreen display
  • Ergonomic & easy to maintain
  • Worldwide service, assisted by remote maintenance

How to exceed high expectations?
By being able to offer benefits as standard.

Flexible and sturdy wooden block transportation.

The innovative conveyor belt feed system on a solid-cast substructure guarantees the customary precision of WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting band saws. Depending on the kind of wood and the preparation and dimensions of the block, the sturdy block transportation continually feeds the blocks with a speed of 1 to 16 m/min and achieves a cutting precision of up to 0.2 mm in the process.

Integrated continuous cleaning system.

In order to guarantee a consistently high cut precision with a feed system, the transport surface must be kept free of saw dust at all times. To achieve this, WINTERSTEIGER developed its own conveyor belt and an integrated continuous belt cleaning system that guarantees high precision for both wet and dry cutting applications.

Smooth saw blade entry for better cutting performance.

The smooth saw blade entry system goes easy on the saw and improves the quality of the output. Thanks to the reduced speed at entry of the sawblade into the wooden block, the forces working on the saw are minimized: the deflection of the blade is reduced. Once the blade is completely submerged in the wooden block, the speed of the feed is increased again.

Great comfort of operation.

The DSB Compact XM is impressively easy to use. The touch screen display and the easy-to-understand menus guide the operator through the program. It also features a multilingual user interface as well as numerous service and help menus.

High-tech carbon pressure guide system.

This high-tech composite material made of abrasion-proof carbon fibers and heat-resistant epoxy resin guarantees precise blade guiding and an extremely long lifetime.

Ergonomic and easy to maintain.

The DSB Compact XM also offers maximum comfort for maintenance. All service-related components of the in-feed and out-feed side are fully accessible so that the time and costs for machine set-up, making adjustments and changing saw blades are all reduced to a minimum.


The enclosed saw unit within the machine makes it much easier for the sawdust to be transported out of the machine. The advantage: minimal need for cleaning.

DSB compact XM

We make you a clear offer.
And still leave you the freedom to choose.

The quality of an offer lies not only in its clearly redeemable value promise. Its quality also increases with the opportunity to choose, for example, between options which further improve the result depending on individual needs.

Innovative spraying system for wet cutting.

Spraying the saw teeth with a special, highly wood-compatible spraying agent creates a vapor that lubricates and cools the saw blades. The spraying intervals can be customized according to need and application. The benefits: improved lifetime of the thin-kerf saw blades thanks to reduced friction and the prevention of resin build-up. The benefits of the spraying system are particularly evident when cutting wet wood. But it also demonstrates its performance in applications involving wood species with a high resin or silicate content.

Optional spraying with water.

As an alternative to conventional spraying agents, water is also well-suited for the processing of certain kinds of wet wood. A small amount is sprayed on the tips of the teeth and loosens the mass of wet sawdust, resin and lubricant. The lateral clearance angles of the saw therefore remain clean and functional. Water as a spraying agent can be combined with conventional agents or employed separately as needed.

Roller table extension

Roller table extensions for optimal block support.

A sturdy support for blocks at the machine's in-feed and out-feed ensures precise cutting. WINTER­STEIGER has developed a robust, 1.3 m long roll-table extension for this purpose.

Modular flexibility.

The construction of the DSB Compact XM makes it possible to easily position multiple machines in-line. The customer remains flexible: with increasing demand of capacity, additional machines can be added in-line. A complete system consisting of up to
6 machines can be operated from any one of the displays.

Feeding magazine an easy way to boost the efficiency of your machines and your work processes.

WINTERSTEIGER offers the optimal solution for increasing efficiency and economy with the feeding magazine as an extension of the band saw. Inserting multiple blocks of wood helps to eliminate interruptions in the workflow and the use of materials. It enables your employees to operate multiple machines or run multiple work processes at the same time.

Quick help.

With the WINTERSTEIGER remote service.

Quick help.

With the WINTERSTEIGER remote service.

Quality and speed are the deciding factors in the event of a breakdown. WINTERSTEIGER sales and service networks guarantee optimum support in case of technical queries and fastest possible support by professional service technicians.


In addition, to improve availability and reduce response times, you also have the option of equipping your WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting band saws with remote service. You are always only seconds away from professional troubleshooting with WINTERSTEIGER remote service. Your machine's online connection is the direct link to our Technical Customer Service. Error detection and diagnosis are done almost in real time, along with data analyses, optimizations, and service measures. WINTERSTEIGER remote service works with LAN/WAN/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA.




1975 mm (77.8")


2820 mm (111")

Depth (center of machine)

Min. 1145 mm (45")

Depth with doors open

Approx. 2000 mm (78.7")

Depth with roller conveyor
(on feed and discharge side)

3780 mm (152.4 ")

Weight without roller table

1860 kg (3704 lbs)

Weight with roller tables

1960 kg (4321 lbs)

Foundation load

2100 kg (4630 lbs)

Transport options for machine

Recesses for forklift on underside of machine, 2 crane eyes on top of machine

Transport dimensions with pallet (W x D x H)

2850 x 1250 x 2200 mm (2250 kg) (112.2 x 49.2 x 86.6" / 4960 lbs)

Transport dimensions with wooden crate
(W x D x H)

3100 x 1300 x 2230 mm (2500 kg) (122 x 51.2 x 87.8" (2500 kg / 5512 lbs)

We reserve the right to make technical modifications.

WINTERSTEIGER’s experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

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