DSG 200 Thin-cutting frame saw

Thin-cutting frame saw.

DSG 200 Thin-cutting frame saw

It is easy to see the difference between products with a short life cycle and those which remain on the market successfully for a long time.


The difference lies in the quality of the product characteristics which also explains the DSG 200’s huge success. On one hand, it maintains its exceptionally good market position due to its performance and numerous other product features, and on the other it embodies the passion, expertise and experience of its inventors and developers which have made it into an extraordinarily successful machine.

Unique applications

  • Up to 9 blocks per pass
  • Cutting height up to 400 mm

Enormous capacities

  • Up to 50 saw blades per saw frame
  • Heavy-duty 22 kW main drive
  • Servo-controlled precision feed

Extreme reliability

5000 kg cast construction
Solid quadruple locking mechanism
Maximum loading capacity for extreme requirements

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