A company at the cutting edge of technology

WINTERSTEIGER sees itself as a high-tech enterprise – and with good reason. It is the extraordinary precision, among other things, that makes our saws unique in the world today.


More than four decades of systematic development have resulted in WINTERSTEIGER‘s high-quality band saw blades. Traditional manual manufacturing of band saw blades – tooth by tooth – has been replaced by industrial production with technology that is unparalleled in the world.

The long history of the company has been continuously shaped by a comprehensive, holistic approach to development – an approach which is still at the heart of WINTERSTEIGER today. The ability to offer both machines and sawing tools from a single source is still a unique selling point for WINTERSTEIGER and has enormous quality benefits for our customers. Saw manufacturing has been part of the global WINTERSTEIGER Group since 2004. The new WINTERSTEIGER Sägen GmbH company premises covering an area of 5000 m2 were built in 2006 and were extended by 1800 m2 in 2018. With its state-of-the-art production systems, this site is just one example of the company‘s exceptional commitment to quality. The availability, quality, and service life of the tools are also key. Excellent tool preparation gives the company a significant edge over the competition. WINTERSTEIGER provides its customers with peace of mind, as they always have perfectly prepared tools to hand.

Raw Material

The production quality of the steel strip is crucial for the quality of the band saw blades. The material properties and their tolerances as described by DIN are very broad, making it necessary to add further criteria for quality assessment besides detailed material analysis.

The straightness, flatness, and surface condition of the strip steel, as well as the dimensional accuracy of the thickness, should not differ substantially across large batches of saw blades. Only compliance with all of these criteria enables the production of a saw blade with constant accuracy that is maintained during tooth-cutting, sharpening, and setting. WINTERSTEIGER band saw blades are manufactured from German high-grade steel that offers an ideal combination of hardness, toughness, and flexibility. State-of-the-art production methods for tooth-cutting, setting, and sharpening nsure outstanding quality, perfect cutting, and a long service life for this saw type.


There are two diff erent ways of cutting teeth into strip steel to produce a band saw blade: The most common method is punching. The other alternative – and best in terms of quality – is deep grinding. We use the latest punching and deep grinding machines in our production processes.

When punching, the accuracy of the tooth pitch and tooth shape depends largely on the precision of the feed and on the grind quality of the tooth-cutting tool used. Our highly-qualified staff therefore inspect both of these factors regularly. Using the deep grinding method combines tooth-cutting with the fi nal grinding of the band saw blade. This manufacturing process results in ground and burr-free surfaces.


Several welding machines of diff erent dimensions are used for saw dressing. The quality characteristic common to them all is that they are equipped with temperature-control devices for automatic measurement and control of the tempering temperature. This extremely effi cient measure makes it possible to avoid the consequences of incorrect tempering temperatures, such as cracks in the welds. Processes carried out prior to dressing, such as setting or grinding, are carried out by a number of state-of-the-art, fully automated machines.

The setting of several teeth in one step not only has substantial advantages for the feed and thus the efficiency – it also increases the setting accuracy as the resilient force created by setting a tooth is considerably minimized. Almost all of our products – with the exception of just a few special designs – are ground using Borazon grinding machines. Along with automated production, this has the advantage of a tooth ground with high precision and extreme sharpness. As a result, the surface roughness of conventional sharpening processes is reduced to an absolute minimum, the Borazon grinding discs retain their profi le throughout a very long production period, and the pressurized cooling fluid prevents overheating during the grinding process.

Finally, the finished saw blades are packaged in a secure, protective, and environmentally friendly manner.