INNOVATIVE: Sterex plasma technology. Away with germs and odours!

For more information on the revolutionary breakthrough Sterex plasma technology, please see Technology here.


Tantum series: 

Open drying panels with SpeedDry technology. The fastest blower drying.

Primus series:
Closed drying systems with SpeedDry technology. The fastest blower drying.


Product Range

Dry work clothes with WINTERSTEIGER Drytech. Open drying panels and closed drying systems are available. With the popular cabinet solutions, clothing, workwear and operational clothing can be dried quickly and efficiently and are used everywhere as hot-air wardrobes. WINTERSTEIGER also offers breathing mask dryers or a drying cabinet for breathing masks. The drying panels, closed drying systems for boots and drying systems for shoes or boot dryers are ideal for drying damp boots or drying ski boots. Many drying systems are also available in stainless steel.