Your challenge: Wet equipment. Our solution: WINTERSTEIGER Dry           & Protect

Your challenge: Wet equipment. Our solution: WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect

After a night spent dealing with floods, is your equipment barely dry in time for use again shortly after? Struggling to find space in the station for drying your equipment? After a long day in action are unpleasant odors starting to build up on your equipment? Public bodies such as the fire department, police, rescue services, and the military are all too familiar with these challenges. 

Our solution:

WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect – material-friendly, energy-efficient, flexible. The innovative drying systems not only extend the service life of your equipment, they are also characterized by low energy consumption and highly flexible use. So you can fully focus on your work at all times.

Your benefits

High-quality equipment lasts longer 

thanks to material-friendly drying

Disinfection of the equipment

thanks to Sterex plasma technology without the use of harmful substances

Odor reduction ensures clothes 

are pleasant to wear next time

Low energy consumption 

thanks efficient condensation and air circulation drying

Space-saving storage 

thanks to systems in a variety of sizes and versions

Time savings

thanks to innovative drying in just a few hours

Versatile use 

for drying jackets, trousers, respirators, boots, helmets, gloves and fire hoses.

Easy, intuitive operation 

thanks to self-explanatory control unit with color display

Flexible system 

thanks to numerous expandable elements
Police officers approaching a police car. | © WINTERSTEIGER

WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect in action

The WINTERSTEIGER drying systems are as reliable and versatile as the fire department, police, rescue services, and military themselves. The size and configuration can be changed and expanded according to your needs – for efficient, smart use of your available space.

What our customers are saying

Read what our customers have to say about WINTERSTEIGER quality...

We opted for a WINTERSTEIGER Tantum Set 4 including Sterex due to the drying system's high-quality design and efficiency levels. Even when jackets are completely soaked through, it only takes up to two to three hours to dry them. One of the best features is the built-in disinfection unit, which eliminates unpleasant odors entirely.
Josef Deutinger, Christophorus Flugrettung Kitzbühel

FAQs on using WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect

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