Our product solutions for tourism & sport

Our product solutions for tourism & sport

Drying made easy – for sportswear and leisure clothing!

The Dry & Protect products from WINTERSTEIGER dry wet clothing quickly, gently, and effectively. A real plus for sport and tourism – as sweaty clothing matters when it comes to leisure too.

Hygienic drying solutions for tourism

A "fresh" boost for sport & tourism: If you want to offer your guests an extra-special service, look no further than the innovative drying systems from WINTERSTEIGER. After skiing, cycling, or hiking, wet sports clothing can quickly and gently be brought back to life again. How? With the high-quality products from our Dry & Protect series. Discover all the benefits!

Your benefits

Gentle drying: 

Your clothes last considerably longer.

Effective disinfection:

The innovative Sterex plasma technology significantly reduces germs.

Noticeable odor reduction: 

Disinfection also reduces unpleasant odors to a minimum.

Maximum energy-efficiency: 

Condensation drying and air circulation drying are particularly resource-friendly.

Maximum flexibility:

A range of sizes and versions allow for space-saving storage.

Real time savings: 

Very quick drying means short waiting times.


Boots, shoes, gloves, and helmets can also be dried and disinfected as well as clothing.

Intuitive operation:

The control unit with color display is clear and easy to use.

Highly customizable: 

Individual extensions allow you to create a drying system that suits your requirements.

The benefits for your industry

Professional drying systems are becoming ever more popular in the field of sport and tourism. Why is this? We have summarized all the advantages of WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect for you below.


Sport goes hand in hand with sweat. The result? Wet clothing which often smells unpleasant. The simple solution: innovative drying systems from WINTERSTEIGER. Our Dry & Protect products ensure that sportswear is quickly dry and fresh again. So companies can offer their employees a useful benefit, for example. Do you like to start your day with sport or take a short jog at lunchtime? With a drying locker from WINTERSTEIGER, your staff will be delighted with their dry sports clothing at the end of the working day.


More and more tourists are opting for holidays that offer activities, such as cycling, skiing, or hiking, as well as relaxation. But this also means sweaty running gear, wet ski gloves, and damp hiking boots. So hotels or apartments that offer a drying locker definitely have the edge over the competition. Professional drying systems in tourist accommodation offer real added value – and this is expected by an increasing number of guests.


Many private users are also delighted by the advantages of WINTERSTEIGER products. And this comes as no surprise. After all, drying your sportswear at home is both practical and convenient. Our Talentum products are the perfect solution for private users. These are highly space-saving and enable professional, top-level, efficient drying solutions to be used in the home.

More WINTERSTEIGER advantages for the home

  • Not only is your new drying system practical, you can also modify the fronts on selected products so it's visually appealing too. Let your creativity run wild. What's more, if you opt for a personalized solution with your carpenter, we'll supply our assembly kit as well.
  • For that certain something, take a look at our large-scale mirrors which are optionally available for the Talentum Uni 10. Your drying system can become a real eye-catcher.
  • The WINTERSTEIGER Talentum products only use air circulation drying. This makes them extremely energy-efficient and they deliver outstanding performance even at 45 watts.

News from the industry

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