Tantum Var 10 horizontal shoe and glove dryer.  | © WINTERSTEIGER

Tantum Var 10 Boot/Glove

Versatile open panels

Space-saving and boasting flexible assembly and varied equipment – the products in our Tantum series can be integrated into any room (vertical and horizontal). The SpeedDry technology and sophisticated design of the open drying panels deliver maximum power in the smallest of spaces.

As well as saving valuable space, the quick and energy-saving drying of the Tantum series also impresses. To save energy, the heating time during the drying cycle can be controlled individually. What's more, the Tantum drying panels are ideal for using the space efficiently, allowing you to easily access the drying options.

The SpeedDry drying technology

The innovative SpeedDry technology dries your items highly efficiently in record time. The principle: Integrated high-performance fans convey dry air to the wet equipment and extract the moisture from it. This moisture is then released into the indoor air – clever and time-saving!

Fields of application

Whether as a boot and glove dryer or a universal dryer: the products in our Tantum series are incredibly versatile. The extremely large Tantum product range ensures the perfect solution for every application.

Technical information
Boot/glove drying:  10 pairs
Control: xControl
Dimensions (W x H x D): 50 x 174 x 41 cm
Ambient temperature:

from 15 °C

Power consumption: 900 W (with Sterex:  910 W)
Supply voltage:   1 AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Nominal current:  4,0 A
Fuse: 16 A
Weight:  32 kg

Your benefits

Maximum quality: We only process hot galvanized high-quality thin-gage sheet metal. Together with our in-house powder coating, we ensure ideal corrosion protection.
Disinfection: The optional Sterex plasma technology acts as a disinfectant while also reducing odors – the ideal addition for hygienically clean and dry equipment.
Material-friendly drying: A high-quality air circulation fan integrated into the body combined with heated air ensures material-friendly and energy-saving drying
Simple and intuitive operation: Our xControl control unit with color display and industrial membrane keyboard makes managing the timing and energy of the device easy – thanks to the customizable drying cycle. This can also be activated by an external input (EIB/home automation).
Time savings: The SpeedDry technology means clothes and equipment are ready to use again after only a few hours.
Energy savings: The efficient air circulation drying guarantees energy-efficient usage.
Space savings: The Tantum drying systems have been designed for maximum use without taking up too much space. This enables the open drying panels to be conveniently integrated into any room.

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