Reliable drying in record time

The closed drying systems in our Primus series use the innovative SpeedDry technology. This combines integrated high-performance fans with smart heating and ensures quick yet material-friendly drying of gear and equipment. 

On this basis, the products in our Primus series offer two complementary drying technologies: air drying and warm air drying. While the air circulation fan is in operation during the entire drying cycle, the heater is only switched on during a predefined period – a well-designed drying system with added value!


contact-formThe modern SpeedDry technology is based on high-performance fans, which convey the dry air to the wet equipment. The fan is in operation during the entire drying cycle, but the heating process is only switched on during the individually programmed drying cycle. Moisture is removed from clothing and equipment, and discharged into the ambient air – it's quick, easy, and resource-friendly.

Your benefits

Hygienic drying: Primus drying lockers can be expanded with the Sterex plasma technology. This ensures complete drying and comprehensive disinfection of the equipment.
Maximum quality: WINTERSTEIGER drying systems offer maximum corrosion protection – and therefore top quality – through a combination of hot dip galvanized high-quality sheet steel and exclusive powder coating.
Material-friendly drying: Fan drying with integrated heating function ensures gentle drying of all natural and synthetic materials.
Maximum flexibility: Thanks to the innovative xControl control unit, each drying process can be individually planned. The integrated timer is simply programmed to suit your specific needs and the drying is carried out according to schedule.
Time savings: Thanks to the efficient, smart air circulation drying, clothing and equipment is dry again after just a few hours.

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