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Energy efficient condensation drying for flexible use

Our Econ series comprises high-quality closed drying systems with GreenDry technology. The underlying principle is condensation drying, which is a smart way to achieve quick and energy-efficient drying. 

What's more, it offers maximum flexibility. The drying systems in the Econ series are ready for use from an ambient temperature of 7 degrees Celsius and each drying process can be programmed individually using the integrated timer – a clever addition that ensures your clothing and equipment is dried to perfection.

The GreenDry drying technology

Fields of application

Depending on the version, the drying systems of the Econ series are available as either boot and glove dryers or as universal dryers. Different variants with different equipment levels are available, such as custom drying nozzles for boots, gloves, helmets through to entire sets of clothing. And just when you thought the range couldn't get more flexible, the number and position of the nozzles in the Econ Universal drying locker can be customized to suit the customer's exact needs.

Your benefits

Maximum quality: We only process hot dip galvanized high-quality thin-gage sheet metal and our in-house powder coating ensures maximum corrosion protection. 
Material-friendly drying: An air circulation fan integrated into the body combined with heated air ensures material-friendly and energy-saving drying.
Maximum flexibility: The modern xControl control unit is designed for intuitive operation and also offers individually programmable timer programs, allowing you to plan each drying process in advance. What's more, efficient drying is guaranteed from an ambient temperature of 7 degrees Celsius.
Stable indoor climate: The closed drying systems of the Econ series utilize an air circulation system, which means no moisture is discharged into the surroundings. This ensures that the indoor climate is not affected by the drying process. 
Hygienic drying: Econ drying systems can be expanded with the Sterex plasma technology. This option adds disinfection of clothing and equipment to the quick, energy-efficient drying process.

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