Quality products from WINTERSTEIGER for hygienic drying

Innovative technologies and creative designs make the WINTERSTEIGER drying systems practical product solutions for numerous industries. Whether as open panels or in the form of lockable lockers, the smart design means that the drying equipment can be integrated into any room. The modern technology quickly dries clothing, gloves, masks, boots, shoes, and helmets, and the disinfection largely rids them of odors – thanks to our reliable and energy-efficient systems.

Indoor air disinfection, hygienic drying and odor reduction with the product solutions from WINTERSTEIGER

Hygiene, health, protection against infection: WINTERSTEIGER has developed impressive product solutions for effective indoor air disinfection - with the innovative Sterex plasma technology. Indoor air is carefully cleaned within an hour, directly eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. What's more, the room air is permanently maintained at a disinfected level, even when new people enter the room. The result? The risk of infection is lowered as far as possible and unpleasant odors are reduced – creating a pleasant indoor environment while keeping you safe.