Drying & Hygiene

Disinfection, drying and cleaning

WINTERSTEIGER offers innovative solutions for drying, disinfecting and deodorizing all kinds of work clothes, gear and sports goods, as well as room air.

Drying & hygiene by WINTERSTEIGER

Dry & Protect from WINTERSTEIGER stands for innovative, high-quality drying technology and indoor air disinfection that delivers first-class results. Since 1962, we have been offering reliable, efficient solutions to our customers from a wide range of industries – such as the public sector, fishing and shipbuilding, tourism, agriculture and forestry.


Your partner with 360° service

Austrian quality standard

A reliable partner with many years of experience in producing metal lockers as well as developing and producing drying systems and air purifiers

Innovation and technology leader in the field of drying systems and indoor air disinfection

Wide range with optimum drying and hygiene solutions for every requirement

Complete planning expertise – from the 2D base dimension planning to 3D visualization and planning

Drying guarantee: material-friendly, space-saving, quick and flexible

Reliable air disinfection using innovative plasma technology

The WINTERSTEIGER product range

Whether you need work clothes, equipment, sports goods or air purification: WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect offers effective solutions for drying and disinfecting your equipment, reducing odors, and for extensive germ reduction indoors. Our comprehensive range of products has something for every industry.

Both open and closed systems, with exhaust air or condensation drying – our range is ideal for gentle drying and comprehensive disinfection of clothes, boots, masks, gloves or helmets. Keeping your equipment in optimal condition is our number one priority.

Disinfection & odor reduction

Extensive disinfection and odor reduction in enclosed spaces is another benefit when it comes to looking after our health – whether it be in schools, nursery schools, workplaces or health centers. Find out more about our innovative air purifiers!

Benefits of WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect

Innovative technology for drying and hygiene: WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect is always a step ahead and offers holistic solutions to meet your individual needs. Our products offer numerous benefits:


WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect enables rapid, energy-efficient drying in just a few hours – conserving both time and money.


Extensive disinfection and odor reduction are valuable benefits when it comes to safety and a more comfortable working environment.


Dry & Protect raises the bar when it comes to performance – energy-efficient, space-saving, material-friendly.


A compact design provides maximum flexibility, so the drying systems from WINTERSTEIGER can be integrated into any room and expanded in a variety of ways to boot.

WINTERSTEIGER: The optimum solution for every industry

WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect helps companies and institutions from a range of industries to dry their work wear, leisure clothing, and equipment, and also provides effective and comprehensive indoor air disinfection.

Construction workers working on the street. | © WINTERSTEIGER

Municipal authorities

Whether used in kindergartens, contractor's yards, or land maintenance, our drying systems ensure that employees', students', and children's clothes and shoes are quickly dried and ready to wear again.

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Wooden chalet in a winter landscape. | © WINTERSTEIGER

Tourism & sport

WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect makes holiday destinations a real draw for sports fans. The functional wear and footwear of guests is dried gently yet quickly and highly effectively, making unpleasant odors a thing of the past.

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Police officers approaching a police car. | © WINTERSTEIGER

Emergency & rescue services

Fire, police, rescue services, and the military are often called out for hours. Our multi-functional drying systems ensure that their equipment is fully ready for use – dry, disinfected, and free from unpleasant odors.

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cubusan raumluftdesinfektion auf dem tisch in der schule.

Public institutions

Clever product solutions for indoor air disinfection in schools, colleges, kindergartens, and more – the Cubusan air purifiers from WINTERSTEIGER use the innovative Sterex plasma technology. Comprehensive protection against infection and effective odor reduction guaranteed.

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