Our product solutions for forestry and agriculture

Our product solutions for forestry and agriculture

WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect: Your drying system with added value.

Drying, germ reduction, odor reduction – our drying systems impress with their quality and innovation. In the field of agriculture and forestry, they have become indispensable tools.

Hygienic drying solutions for forestry and agriculture

Working outdoors, for several hours, in all weathers. Getting a bit wet is all part and parcel of forestry and agricultural work. Our efficient drying systems help make work much easier in this field. Find out why!

Your benefits

Work clothes and equipment 

are dried in a material-friendly manner – and therefore last longer.

The innovative Sterex plasma technology 

ensures efficient disinfection and germ reduction.

Wave goodbye to unpleasant odors 

thanks to effective reduction of germs.

Condensation drying and air circulation drying

are particularly energy-efficient.

Different sizes and versions 

enable flexible storage without space issues.

Quickly ready to use again: 

Drying systems save a significant amount of time in day-to-day work.

All dry! 

As well as clothes, you can also dry boots, helmets, gloves or other work equipment.

It's so easy: 

The intuitive control unit and color display is clear and self-explanatory.

A system to suit your needs:

WINTERSTEIGER drying systems can be expanded to suit your specific requirements.

The benefits for your industry

Quick, gentle drying of clothing and equipment – and highly energy-efficient too! The WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect products impress across the board – especially in a demanding area such as agriculture and forestry. How will we generate real added value for your industry? Let us explain:


Day-to-day work in agriculture is physically demanding and heavily dependent on the weather. A drying locker or boot dryer for agricultural work can make work in this field considerably easier. After all, if you can dry and disinfect your clothing after work, you'll feel much more fresh and ready to start the day the following morning.


When you work outdoors around the clock, you enjoy having fresh, dry clothing and helmets ready for use on the next job. This is easy with a WINTERSTEIGER drying locker for forestry. The freely programmable control and 24/7 timer ensure maximum convenience – and a pleasant start to the day. The Dry & Protect products are available with a practical extra – comprehensive disinfection of the work material. Viruses and bacteria don't stand a chance.

Our Dry & Protect product range

Tantum Boot 15 | © WINTERSTEIGER

Tantum Boot 15 Sterex USA/CAN

Boot and glove dryer
Tantum Boot 20 | © WINTERSTEIGER

Tantum Boot 20 Sterex USA/CAN

Boot and glove dryer
Primus Set 8 Premium | © WINTERSTEIGER

Primus Set 8 Premium

Universal Dryer
Drying cabinet Econ Set 4 Premium | © WINTERSTEIGER

Econ Set 4 Premium

Universal Dryer

What our customers are saying

Primus Set 4 Helmet Premium Sterex in Bad Schwalbach.| © WINTERSTEIGER
What we weren’t expecting was the integrated Sterex disinfection option,” explains Mr. Disabato, one of the forestry workers based in Schwalbach. When drying for around three hours, this marvelous piece of kit really does disinfect viruses and bacteria.
Patrick Disabato, Forstmitarbeiter der Stadt Schwalbach

FAQs on using WINTERSTEIGER Dry & Protect in agriculture & forestry