Accessories & spare parts

For the love of detail

Original WINTERSTEIGER accessories turn attention to detail into an art form. Every single one of the 1400+ items in our accessories catalog has been carefully developed and selected just for you. We keep our ears firmly to the ground to make sure we know what‘s in demand in rentals and service shops of our customers at all times: efficient methods of working to save time and money, plenty of workplace convenience, the best possible ergonomics, lightweight devices, reduction in unpleasant odors, etc. Using this knowledge, we design our accessories to meet our customers‘ needs right down to the finest details. After all, it‘s the little things that make the difference!.

Download Material Safety Data Sheets


Material Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded in the Download Area under SKISERVICE & RENTAL / SAFETY DATA SHEETS. Please click on the following link: Download Area

Journey to a new world with WINTERSTEIGER

Journey to a new world with WINTERSTEIGER

WINTERSTEIGER thinks ahead, and together with you, we can look toward a successful

future. The following points should provide you with a glimpse into the wide range of

products in our 2024/25 accessories catalog.

WINTERSTEIGER - Quickfix universal

Fast, universal, flexible


The WINTERSTEIGER Quickfix backshop vise allows for quick and secure clamping of all types of alpine, touring, cross-country skis and snowboards in one universal clamping system. This backshop vise also features a vertical clamp on the optional adjustable rests. That allows skis to be clamped vertically so that side edges can be tuned quickly and easily.