SNØ indoor ski center: When the mountains are not calling

With 500 meters the currently most spectacular indoor ski slope worldwide
© Jarle Nyttingnes

There are already 150 indoor ski centers around the world and the most spectacular one so far opened in Norway in January: the SNØ in Lørenskog near Oslo, with a 500-meter-long indoor ski slope and the only one with both cross country and alpine under the same roof. The indoor ski rental store is operated by Sport 1, and was set up by WINTERSTEIGER. It is one of the most modern ski rental centers in the world and the flagship store is a powerful reference for Sport 1. 


A ski rental store means customer proximity.


The flagship store was established to achieve closer contact with customers. WINTERSTEIGER was already assisting the company with its planning during the 1.5-year construction period of the indoor center. Planning for the expected flow of visitors was based on experience and allowed for in the rental processes; the ski rental store was designed accordingly and digitized in "the future of rental". The flagship store extends over 3 floors, one of which is devoted entirely to ski boots. The selection is huge, and the BOOTDOC devices provided in the bootfitting area include the Vandra 3D foot scanner for quick selection, a vacuum fitting system for insoles, and an Ultracam device for perfect ski boot adjustment.

Managing Director Helge Knutzen
© Jarle Nyttingnes

Shop Manager Pontus Flingdal: "The BOOTDOC devices give us every opportunity to fully adapt the products to the foot type. Our exacting requirements ensure that customers will remember a perfect day of indoor skiing." The ski service is designed with maximum quality in mind and for all customer groups. A 5-module Discovery sdsdp and an Omega RS 150, a racing stone grinding machine for skis and cross country skis, provide the perfect service for ski racers training indoors, snowboarders, and cross-country skiers: A 1 km long track has been installed under the roof for cross-country skiing.


"Everything from a single source" was the crucial incentive in the choice of supplier. CEO Helge Knutzen explains: "With WINTERSTEIGER as our partner, we had a contact for all the products, from setup to ski service machines and bootfitting. WINTERSTEIGER also has a local Norwegian team. This made for an uncomplicated collaboration, and we are delighted by the success it has brought to our ski rental store."

Pontus Flingdal during insole fitting on the AUTOFIT fitting system

© Jarle Nyttingnes

The BOOTDOC 3D foot scanner Vandra speeds up the selection of suitable ski boots.

© Jarle Nyttingnes