Machine upgrade at Fritz Kohl Concepts

Thin-cutting band saw retrofitted with automatic wooden block circuit system


The machine upgrade is a considerable relief for users of the WINTERSTEIGER DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw: Before automation, the wooden blocks had to be removed manually as many as 70 times and fed to the band saw again.


“We produce very thin sawn veneers for special areas of application. Wood composite blocks measuring 200 mm in height and 1 meter in length are resawn into veneers of only 0.7 mm. The wooden blocks are heavy but the system now takes care of this tiring work,” says Production Manager Georg Rombach, explaining the process before automation.


Wooden blocks take a ride on the merry-go-round.

It was during the search for a solution that Franz Vöcklinger (Area Sales Manager, WINTERSTEIGER) suggested the tried-and-tested "merry-go-round": The wooden blocks move around the thin-cutting band saw fully automatically until they have all been resawn. The machine detects when the first wooden block comes back around and runs automatically as required until all the wooden blocks have been through the saw. Now all the machine operator has to do is remove the finished veneers. “The circuit system is a popular solution. It is very stable and reliable. We can upgrade each of our thin-cutting band saws as needed,” explains Vöcklinger, before adding: “Thanks to the automation expertise of VAP-WINTERSTEIGER, not only do we offer individual machines, but we can also support our customers with tailored solutions for material handling.”