Impressed: Admonter continues to invest in TRC technology

Fully automatic timber surface repair with the TRC 2000

Admonter Holzindustrie, a WINTERSTEIGER customer of long standing, has placed a second order for a TRC 2000. This will be the company's fourth system for automatically repairing timber surfaces. Admonter first started out in this field with a TRC 3000 purchased in 2012, which was upgraded with a robot to double capacity two years later. A TRC 2000 and a TRC Manufactory (surface design) were to follow, with a further TRC 2000 added just recently.


Admonter produces around 1.2 million m2 of flooring every year, mainly from oak and larch. The first TRC 2000 has been at full capacity and Admonter is extremely satisfied with the quality and speed of the plant, not to mention the fact that the filling material is applied much deeper into the defects than with manual filling. Admonter has been able to slash throughput times with the new system while enjoying huge savings in filling material and labor.


TRC 2000 – fully-automatic wood surface repair


Particular praise was also reserved for the WINTERSTEIGER sales and customer service teams: “Everyone at WINTERSTEIGER is highly professional and the delivery, commissioning, and customer service all went without a hitch. The plant availability is also very high.” Admonter and WINTERSTEIGER are linked by a partnership stretching back decades to the 1990s, when Admonter first purchased WINTERSTEIGER thin-cutting frame saws.


About Admonter Holzindustrie.

Admonter, a commercial operation owned by the local Benedictine monastery, produces natural wooden floors, boards, stairs, wall and ceiling paneling, acoustic boards, and interior doors. The high-quality timber products are made exclusively in the village of Admont.


  • Employees: 3000
  • Output: 1.7 million m2 of floors and natural wooden boards
  • Products: Natural wooden floors, boards, stairs, wall and ceiling paneling, acoustic boards, and interior doors
  • Sales: 69 million euros
  • Export rate: 70 %
  • Since 1972
  • www.admonter.com