Division Sports:

Breakthrough as world market leader!

Getting started in the ski service industry was difficult in the early 1980s, and the first multi-purpose surface grinding machine – the MPS – was followed by the TSMA-A, the first stone and belt grinding machine. The first base repair machines were another milestone that caused quite a sensation.


However, the breakthrough at Sports came 1985 with the MCR stone grinding machines: while 150 were planned, sales in the first year alone numbered 400! One reason for the sensational success was the low price for the high-quality machine which was intended for the goal of penetrating the market. This was followed by the stone grinding machines of the Micro series, featuring a modular, space-saving design. The Micro series machines have also made it possible to produce reproducible ski base structures. These machines allowed WINTERSTEIGER to make the breakthrough as world market leader in ski servicing.


Competitors were also active back then – and still are today. The companies Montana and Reichmann were steadily developing their product range at the same time. The machine development race – who will make the next technological advance? – was frequently won by WINTERSTEIGER.

MCR 1500

Micro 1

Polyjet 80