SEEDMECH acquires competitor

Following years of very tough competition with HEGE, Hans-Ulrich Hege Saatzuchtmaschinen GmbH, in Hohebuch, Germany, WINTERSTEIGER took advantage of the financial difficulties of its competitor to acquire the company in 1999.


Over the next few years, the two virtually identical product ranges were amalgamated into a single line at considerable expense. The plot combines Nurserymaster Elite and the Hege 140 were used to create the Classic, which is now in the WINTERSTEIGER product portfolio as the Classic Plus plot combine; while the Hege 160 combine was developed further to become the WINTERSTEIGER Delta.


The integration was difficult in some respects, with organizations that had competed for years finding it hard to become partners and the merger failing to deliver anticipated gains in market share. In 2003 the production location in Hohebuch was relocated to Ried and production was transferred in several stages. Some HEGE employees also moved from Hohebuch to Ried. Today, WINTERSTEIGER still uses the HEGE name in seven devices.

Merging WINTERSTEIGER – HEGE products

Nurserymaster Elite


Hege 160