AMC – a mobile Alpine ski service with a fully automated machine

WINTERSTEIGER Verleih der ZukunftFotocredit: ©MAN Norway, Vennlig Hilsen

Only a select few young ski racers can afford a professional ski service. As a way of promoting equal opportunities among the next generation, WINTERSTEIGER AG has joined forces with Norsk Alpinservice AS to launch a mobile Alpine ski service in Norway. In this case, the ski service comes to the racers rather than the other way around. And what makes it truly innovative is that, for the first time, a truck has been equipped with a fully automated service machine that can be operated without relying on any local resources at all. On top of that, the ‘Alpine Mobile Center’ (AMC) boasts its own racing shop and boot fitting station.


Alpine Mobile Center

“Here in Norway, young ski racers often have to travel far and wide in their search for a professional Alpine ski service. Since this can be on the costly side, young people with the financial backing of their parents are always at an advantage. It is our aim for our mobile ski service to help keep costs down and level out the playing field in the process,” says Morten Mork, Owner of Norsk Alpinservice AS.

The ‘Alpine Mobile Center’ doesn’t have to rely on any external infrastructure, making it highly flexible. Direct access to power, compressed air, ventilation, heating and water is contained within the truck itself. WINTERSTEIGER has kitted the truck out with a Discovery servicing system – the number-one product choice for racing. “We couldn’t have wished for a better partner for our project than WINTERSTEIGER. The quality of the company’s servicing systems is unparalleled,” says Morten Mork. Additionally we have support from the Norwegian importer of WINTERSTEIGER, Board & Skiteknikk AS. They have 30 years of experience and a number of well qualified service technicians to support us. “Our main target market is young ski racers aged between 8 and 19. We are also offering them our ‘sponsored ski service,’ which involves the costs of services being split between the ski racers and selected sponsors. This way, we can make sure that literally anyone can treat themselves to a top-rate ski service from WINTERSTEIGER.”

Norsk Alpinservice AS

The launch of the mobile Alpine ski service in Norway is part of a pilot project. “We are confident that we will be able to roll out our concept with success. Once we have done that, it won’t be long before these mobile service centers become a regular sight on the pistes,” says Morten Mork, looking ahead to the future.

“This is an incredibly interesting project for us,” explains Daniel Steininger, Head of the SPORTS business field at WINTERSTEIGER AG. “In Norsk Alpinservice AS, we have found a competent and reliable partner with an impressive level of professionalism and dedication.”

The ‘Alpine Mobile Center’ (AMC) is the result of a partnership between WINTERSTEIGER AG and Norsk Alpinservice AS. The owners of Norsk Alpinservice AS, Morten Mork and Morten Breivik, are involved in youth Alpine ski racing in Norway, meaning they have a background of sport and innovation to inject into the partnership.