WINTERSTEIGER celebrates world premiere with "Bike Services"






WINTERSTEIGER recently launched the new "Bike Services" business area via livestream – you can view it on YouTube in German and English. Already well established as a full-service provider for ski rental and ski service, the mechanical and plant engineering company from Upper Austria now also offers a complete package for bike rental and service.


Cycling is booming, with sales of e-bikes, for example, growing at double-digit rates. This "bike boom" has been of huge interest to WINTERSTEIGER for some time. After two years of market research, analysis, and product development, the company now feels the time is right to launch its new "Bike Services" business area. The product range is divided into 4 areas – cleaning, drying, storage, and managment.


Fully automatic bike cleaning for all types of bike.

Delicate switches and controls, the electronics on e-bikes, and sensitive high-tech carbon frames need to be cleaned extremely gently. One reason why top-quality bikes have usually been cleaned manually to date. WINTERSTEIGER is now offering the "Veloclean" and "Velobrush" bike cleaning systems. The Veloclean is a washing station for manual cleaning or the pre-cleaning of coarse dirt. A stand-alone system, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Velobrush is a fully automatic cleaning system that can clean all types of bikes using low pressure and a gentle brush technology. It offers huge time savings and makes the cleaning process much easier. The fully automatic Velobrush cleans a bike every 2 minutes and uses just 1 liter of water per bike.


“Automatic bike cleaning opens the door for new business models. Every bike dealer will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty levels with this additional bike washing option,” explains Daniel Steininger, Head of Sports at WINTERSTEIGER. The systems are used to standardize and automate bike cleaning. “It's similar to ski service. Over the last 20 years, automated machines have increasingly replaced manual ski servicing. Today, the ski emerges from the machine fully ground and waxed. We're also at the beginning of a new era in bike servicing, one where end consumers bring their dirty bikes to the shop and get them back clean and washed after the repair. This is a great additional offer and will become par for the course in the future.” However, professional, automatic bike cleaning will not just be of interest to sports retailers, as it will also tempt gas stations, bike parks, hotels with rental bikes, tourist regions, not to mention many other potential outlets.


New mobility demands new solutions.

In addition to specialist sports retailers, WINTERSTEIGER hopes to interest enterprises whose employees are increasingly using their bikes to get to work. This places new requirements on companies that wish to be seen as attractive employers who facilitate commuting by bike, such as charging stations, changing facilities, and somewhere to store equipment. WINTERSTEIGER offers solutions for the professional, hygienic drying of sportswear and shoes right through to the planning and furnishing of social spaces.


Solutions for the drying of sports, work, and business clothing include open drying panels and closed drying lockers with innovative disinfection technology: Bacteria and viruses are eliminated efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. WINTERSTEIGER has developed the robust Easystore hanging system for storing bikes. It can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling and makes optimum use of the space. The Easyrent rental software and Easywork software module manage the rental, service, repair, and assembly of bikes. The rental software has already proven itself in ski rental, while the Easywork module was developed specifically for Bike Services.


WINTERSTEIGER is a complete provider to every company and organization that wants to support the growing numbers of bike users, and will be expanding and promoting its "Bike Services" business area worldwide.