Successful air disinfection in kindergarten and elementary school

CUBUSANThe CUBUSAN is whisper quiet and does not disturb learning.
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WINTERSTEIGER technology reduces the risk of infection without any chemicals


From head lice to chickenpox, all sorts of infections spread quickly among children at kindergarten and elementary school age. To combat these pathogens, Ried-based company WINTERSTEIGER has developed a device for active air disinfection: the CUBUSAN, a cube that measures just 19 x 19 x 19 cm and neutralizes viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces permanently and right at the source – even coronaviruses and their mutations.


Better air in the "CUBUSAN class."

Volksschule 1, an elementary school in Ried, has been using the CUBUSAN since mid-March. A timer clock ensures that it switches on automatically one hour before class starts. Principal Johann Kinzl says: “We set up the CUBUSAN in a classroom that measures roughly 66 m2. When I go from class to class to collect the test results, I notice a big difference. The air in the 'CUBUSAN class' is much nicer.” The device has been very well-received by children and teachers alike: “We've heard that the kids say very good things about it at home too.” Principal Kinzl would definitely recommend the CUBUSAN to others: “Whether it's a case of modernization, renovation or the construction of a brand-new building, school maintenance committees need to include this disinfection device in their plans.”

KindergartenActive air disinfection at the kindergarten in Riegerting
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Room climate "as though there's a waterfall nearby."

At the kindergarten in Riegerting, Mehrnbach, the CUBUSAN is mainly used in communal areas where daily morning circle time takes place. Head of kindergarten Andrea Klingesberger explains: “Our building is already 50 years old and it can get stuffy in here sometimes. Everyone who comes in is struck by how fresh the air is, as though there's a waterfall nearby. The CUBUSAN noticeably reduces odors too. The children are thrilled with it and think they can even come to school with a cold now because we have the CUBUSAN. It's a brilliant invention in these challenging times!”


Daniel Steininger, General Manager Division Sports & Hygiene at WINTERSTEIGER, is delighted to be able to provide a useful product for this age group too. “Children will definitely be the last to be vaccinated. Masks are not mandatory for children under the age of 10 and wouldn't be of much use even if they were. Based on the air flow analyses, we know that the CUBUSAN is significantly more effective than a mask. The CUBUSAN neutralizes viruses immediately, before they even have the chance to spread.”

VolksschulePrincipal Johann Kinzl, Volksschule 1 in Ried, would recommend the CUBUSAN to others.
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Nature as a role model.

The CUBUSAN does not need any chemicals and takes nature as a role model. Even after a summer storm, the air becomes much fresher again as a result of a physical process involving water vapor and UV radiation from the sun. Steininger explains how the CUBUSAN works and what it does: “The CUBUSAN is totally harmless and complies with all safety regulations. It has been extensively tested by the Center of Excellence for Technical Hygiene and Applied Microbiology in Germany and the certificates then validated by the University of Innsbruck.”


WINTERSTEIGER originally developed the Sterex technology that is used in the CUBUSAN for disinfecting work attire or ski boots and helmets at ski rental stores. The technology from the drying lockers has been incorporated into the CUBUSAN and adapted for ambient air disinfection. WINTERSTEIGER drying solutions are being used by a kindergarten in Admont, for example. “Drying & hygiene have been an important topic at WINTERSTEIGER for many years now,” says Daniel Steininger.


The CUBUSAN is a practical plug-and-play product – in other words, it is maintenance-free and has no lights or filters that need to be replaced. Another advantage is that the CUBUSAN is very quiet and does not disturb learning or any other activities. The only thing it can't help with is head lice unfortunately.