Placement in the UK

Improving English skills and getting to know the British way of life while working on machine assembly


Two WINTERSTEIGER apprentices (second and third year of training) and a student at HTL Ried (third year) are spending the month of July working at TRIALS in the village of Wethersfield near Braintree (Essex), an hour away from London.


WINTERSTEIGER subsidiary TRIALS Equipment UK Ltd. is part of the WINTERSTEIGER Group, supplying customers in the UK with plot combines and planting equipment.  The three youngsters from Austria could not be more pleased about the placement: unlike the dual education system operated here in Austria in tandem with technical colleges, young professionals in the UK always come straight from school or college. This means the team at TRIALS is perfectly set up for in-depth practical training.

Training at all levels.

Working with WINTERSTEIGER Austria, TRIALS has put together a detailed training schedule for the four weeks covering all areas a future service engineer could work in. After the health and safety briefing, the first 10 days will be spent in production focusing on the specializations of welding, assembly, repair, and machine servicing. TRIALS has then arranged for a five-day stint in field sales visiting customers followed by one day in the development department. Finally, they will spend some time with the after-sales team to experience spare parts management and service.


In addition to their training, WINTERSTEIGER will support the apprentices with all the organizational aspects, such as visas, and questions relating to entry requirements for minors, the currency, and even what is the right plug adapter for the UK. WINTERSTEIGER is arranging the flights, food, and accommodation, and TRIALS has organized a car for them. 


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