Sterex technology brings extra surprise for Bad Schwalbach

WINTERSTEIGER Trockner für Bad Schwalbach© Magistrat der Stadt Bad Schwalbach

The town of Bad Schwalbach in the Main-Taunus district of South Hesse is surrounded by its own forests, which are managed by a dedicated group of forestry workers. Due to the weather-dependent and physically demanding work involved, the staff wanted an option for drying their work clothes at the end of the day. The town council found just the thing at WINTERSTEIGER and opted to purchase the Primus Set 4 Helmet Premium Sterex Drytech product.


The forestry workers are delighted with the drying locker and have found it to be very successful. The programmable control unit including a 24/7 timer function means the locker can be set to dry depending on how wet the clothing is on that particular day. Not only that, it will warm them up before the forestry workers start their day's work thanks to an automatic switch-on feature. This comes in particularly handy during the winter months!


“What we weren’t expecting was the integrated Sterex disinfection option,” explains Mr. Disabato, one of the forestry workers based in Schwalbach. “When drying for around three hours, this marvelous piece of kit really does disinfect viruses, bacteria, and all kinds of fungal spores - the odors are totally eliminated not just in clothing, but also in boots, gloves, and helmets. It's reassuring to know the technology has been certified by a well-respected German hygiene institute. We are really pleased with the innovative option to disinfect clothing.”