New WINTERSTEIGER products at ISPO: Focus on comfort and safety

WINTERSTEIGER AG is presenting many new products at ISPO, Munich, the world's largest sports product trade fair. The special machine builder from Ried, Austria, is launching a new binding adjustment device and a rebasing machine in the ski servicing sector. The Easystore Basic rental system exhibits many features of the tried and trusted Easystore product line. The Bootdoc & Hotronic brands are represented with the 3-D foot scanner, and for consumers, a new heated sock. They will demonstrate that comfort and safety on the skiing slopes go hand-in-hand.


Binding adjustment boosts customer loyalty.

Binding adjustment is a valuable extra service for any sports retailer. Valuable because professional checking and adjustment of the bindings contributes to safety on the skiing slope, generating trust and customer loyalty. WINTERSTEIGER has enhanced the predecessor model with a focus on improving operator convenience and ergonomics.


The new Safetronic is easy to use, featuring a practical clamping system for the ski. The data overview was consolidated to fit on a single screen. Equipped with an optional scanner for EAN or QR codes, customers can design their workflows efficiently: customer data is documented and affixed to the ski as a code. After binding adjustment, the customer invoice is quickly printed. Software interfaces, such as for the WINTERSTEIGER Easyrent rental software, facilitate data management. Working with the new Safetronic is convenient and fast, with noticeable time savings for sports retailers and customers.

The new Baseman – a lightweight.

The Baseman manual system for base repair uses a lightweight and particularly economic design. More advantages: an improved view of the repair location thanks to LED lamps and a short heat-up time thanks to a very powerful heater. The rebasing results are clean, thus speeding up the next step in the process: base grinding.


A combination with the Smogjet extraction device (optional) makes working more comfortable by substantially improving the extraction of the interior air during base repair.

In good tradition: Easystore Basic.

The new product line goes by the name of Easystore Basic, because it combines the basic and proven features of the Easystore line. The lightweight ski racks for storing and drying sports equipment offer a practical 3-point clamping system for securing skis, a space-saving hanging system for sports equipment of any type, and flexible height adjustment of boot shelves, just to name a few benefits.

Impressive customer experience: 3-D foot scanner.

Under the Bootdoc brand, WINTERSTEIGER offers the new 3-D Vandra foot scanner, which creates a three-dimensional image of both feet. The 3-D scanner delivers a wealth of measurement data, such as the instep height, ankle circumference, etc., and also provides size recommendations. The results are displayed on a tablet. With the aid of this data, sales staff can quickly find the right ski boots and insoles – the 3-D scanner thus supports the sales process. A high level of hygiene and comfort is guaranteed because customers can keep their own socks on while using the scanner, thus removing the need to change socks.

Heat Socks: More comfort for consumers.

Bootdoc offers Power Fit Socks for consumers – the Hotronic heating system is the sibling product. In the form of the new "BD Heat Socks" heated sock, WINTERSTEIGER has merged the two brands to create a single product. Daniel Steininger, Head of Sales Sports: "It is no longer necessary to decide between ski socks or heated socks. Skiers can have both – a perfect fit in the ski boot and warm feet. This is not just a matter of comfort. Skiers also benefit from more safety on the slope because their ski boots are not too tight and their feet do not tire as quickly thanks to the compression."


Power is supplied to the integrated heating element by high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and the controls for the 4 levels of heating output are directly on the battery pack. A major benefit is that the battery packs can be combined with Hotronic heated insoles from the XLP series.