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Plot combine.

The Delta plot combine fulfills all the requirements for an efficient, clean harvest, from experimental plots to small seed increases. The Delta stands out due to exceptional stability and ruggedness thus ensuring reliability of use, even under difficult harvesting conditions.


Thanks to its modular system, the combine is suitable for all harvesting conditions and customer requirements.

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

  • Many variants of powerful cutting tables for a variety of crops and applications make the Delta a universally deployable machine
  • Best threshing performance and best sample quality thanks to powerful threshing unit, two step shaker and double cleaning sieve system
  • Mix-free harvesting with pneumatic seed delivery system, convey or belt in threshing case and automatic clean out system for header and sieve areas
  • Easy operation thanks to multifunction lever for all driving and harvesting functions, hydraulic steering and hydrostatic drive
  • Comfortable working conditions thanks to noise insulated cabin with state-of-art controls and features
  • The wide range of bagging and sampling methods as well as the automatic weighing system with moisture measurement can be adjusted to match customer specific procedures
  • The stable and compact construction allows for excellent maneuverability and centre row threshing ability combined with fast loading and unloading for transportation