Hege 12 Liquid seed treater

For dressing seeds in chamber magazines.

Hege 12 Liquid seed treater

The Hege 12 liquid seed treater can be used to dress seeds in 12-chamber magazines. 4 and 6-chamber magazines can be used for small quantities.


Functional principle

The dressing slide is drawn across the magazine. At the same time the seed is set in motion by means of compressed air. A dosing unit sprays an exact pre-metered quantity of seed treatment onto the moving seeds. Dosing is from a 0.5 l reservoir and can be set from 200 to 2000 ml.


Performance features

  • Accurate dosing of the seed treatment and intensive mixing of the seed ensure a consistently high treatment quality 
  • Extremely precise adjustment of the amount of seed treatment used on the dosing unit 
  • Easy to operate 
  • High output: 10 pcs. 12-chamber magazines in approx. 45 seconds
Technical Data
Basic unit
  • Dressing carriage with dosing unit and integrated air nozzles
  • 2 magazine trays for fixing and transporting chamber magazines
  • Purging device for cleaning the dosing unit
Measurements Length: 115 mm (5”)
Width: 400 mm (16”)
Height: 400 mm (16”)
Weight Approx. 16 kg (35 lbs)

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