A new challenge and a solution that is all WINTERSTEIGER


When building his new home, Lionel Bergoend seized the opportunity to set up a new ski rental center at the same time. This decision required comprehensive planning and professional support throughout the project. 


"I chose WINTERSTEIGER as a partner because I knew I would be happy with the products, the quality, and the image that the brand conveys. I selected many solutions and ultimately, having one contact also saves a lot of time", says Lionel Bergoend, delighted by his decision. The new pop design of the shop is a deliberate departure from the usual. We interviewed him to talk about the project.


WINTERSTEIGER: How did The Easystore Flex ski racks come by their exceptional design?


Lionel Bergoend: "I have a stock of more than 500 pairs of skis and wanted the ski racks to fit seamlessly into the shop design. So I took advantage of the option to customize the Easystore Flex front panels and made them a self-contained decorative element."


WINTERSTEIGER: How do you guide customers through the ski rental process?


Lionel Bergoend: "We use Easyrent rental software and manage registrations using our 4 check-in terminals. We use the 3D scanner systematically when skis are rented or ski boots purchased. The effect on customers is amazing, we couldn't manage without it, either in rental or in sales!"


WINTERSTEIGER: Since you rent out top-of-the-range skis, I imagine that the ski service is also very important?


Lionel Bergoend: "I took a chance on automation and invested in a Scout. This allows me to maintain a high standard of service quality for rental items. I am confident that top-quality service, automation, and the performance of the machine will help me expand my ski service to new markets as well."


WINTERSTEIGER: You provide a ski depot for your customers in the sports shop. How happy are you with this?


Lionel Bergoend: "We have 30 ski storage lockers in the shop. I appreciate their functionality, quality, and appearance. Their imitation wood doors have a beautiful surface without the industrial character that often goes with this type of product. And the lockers are the reason why customers to come to my store every day!"


WINTERSTEIGER: What is yourview of this collaboration with WINTERSTEIGER?  


Lionel Bergoend: "The start-up period I needed to establish this new company was very short and although I had many questions about setting up the business, they were always answered quickly. The precise way of working and professional support have obviously helped me to bring this project to a conclusion as smoothly as possible."


WINTERSTEIGER: Thank you for this fascinating insight and we wish you every success with your new shop!