The superlative flagship store brings WINTERSTEIGER on board

© Intersport Austria

Covering 7,500 m2, the new flagship store of Intersport Tscherne in Graz is the largest Intersport shop in Europe. With many attractions such as an ice rink, a tree house for the children, and the worlds of skiing, outdoor, and biking to experience, the sports shop is a unique world of shopping and adventure. Intersport Tscherne is a fourth-generation Austrian family business and Harald Tscherne opened his 12th sports shop in Graz.


Ski service as a customer attraction.


For this sports shop, and for sports shop number 11 which he opened in October 2019 in Salzburg-Bergheim, Harald Tscherne invested in a Discovery automated ski service machine with 4 processing modules. In Graz, customers can watch the Discovery ssdp working, as it sits behind a glass panel at the ski handover point. This view again emphasizes the character of Intersport Tscherne as a professional, specialist store. "Ski service barely exists anymore in urban areas, it is mostly outsourced. But we are in charge of our own quality," explains Andreas Pitzl, who is responsible for the service. Andreas Pitzl is extremely satisfied with the new Discovery. "It's a brilliant machine! The results are perfect and it is extremely reliable." The double grinding stone eliminates the need for pregrinding: "We can work very quickly with this configuration of 4 Stone, Stone, Disc, and Polishing processing modules; customers have their skis perfectly prepared within 24 hours," says Andreas Pitzl.


An eye-opening experience: foot analysis in 3D.


Although Intersport Tscherne's specialist staff are highly trained, foot analysis with the BOOTDOC Vandra 3D scanner is greatly appreciated. "The scanner is a great medium. Even if we see for ourselves at first glance that the customer needs an insole, the foot scan provides the digital confirmation. Thus, every ski boot sale starts with the question: has your foot already been analyzed?" says Peter Seinitzer, explaining the process. Customers react very positively. They also accept having to wait, and line up by the scanner. "It's a real eye-opener to discover that one foot is longer than the other, for example. In 8 out of 10 cases, we sell the insoles along with the ski boots," says Peter Seinitzer, confirming the success of the scanner, which is used in the ski boot area in winter and in the outdoor area in summer.