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cycleWASH duo

Two-sided, fully automatic bike cleaning in a single pass.

The fully automatic Cyclewash DUO reduces the workload of your personnel and produces the highest level of cleanliness achievable using rotating brushes. The low-pressure cleaning and the extremely gentle brushing action make the system particularly suitable for cleaning high-grade bicycles and e-bikes. An optional ultrasonic cleaning bath with automatic wheel rotation can be integrated for the cleaning of tires and rims.


Cleaning process.

The bicycle, except saddle and handlebars, are completely inserted into the machine. The spray nozzles and washing brushes are automatically moved past the bicycle on a carriage. Depending on the degree of dirtiness, simple or intensive cleaning programs can be selected.


Cleaning of mud.

An impeller pump ensures that the mud and wastewater are constantly circulated and roughly cleaned using a filter. The remaining water and any residual mud must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner¹.



¹ Caution: After around 5 washes, the cleaning water should be discarded using an oil separator. Alternatively, the lubricants can be bound using a flocculant and then removed with a wet dry vac.