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cycleWASH mini duo

Two-sided, semi-automatic bike cleaning in a single pass.

Its low-pressure cleaning and extremely gentle brushing action make the cycleWASH mini duo particularly suitable for cleaning high-grade bicycles and e-bikes. It provides an automated, comprehensive cleaning that will not damage sensitive components such as bearings and electronics.   A small amount of oil is applied during the cleaning cycle to avoid the loss of lubricant on the chain and gears1. 


Cleaning process.

As the bike passes through the system, the cleaning duration and intensity are adjusted according to the degree of dirt and mud. The bike is therefore cleaned as thoroughly as is possible with a conventional rotating brush system. Duo means that both sides of the bike are cleaned at the same time, so the bike only has to pass through the system once. The main cleaning cycle uses two rotating brushes made from a mixture of foam/PE mylex fibers. They are equipped with pressure and pedal sensors and are continually moistened during the washing operation by a pump and adjustable nozzles. The sealed water circuit and a multi-stage filter system ensure that the water is constantly being circulated and filtered. The system does not need to be permanently connected to the water supply and can be topped up with water as and when required.


Cleaning of mud.

An impeller pump ensures that the mud and wastewater are constantly circulated and roughly cleaned using a filter. The remaining water and any residual mud must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner² .



¹ The special oils and cleaning materials are available through WINTERSTEIGER.
² Caution: After around 5 washes, the cleaning water should be discarded using an oil separator. Alternatively, the lubricants can be bound using a flocculant and then removed with a wet dry vac.

Effizienter und ökonomischer Betrieb

  • Perfekt geeignet für hochwertige Fahrräder und E-Bikes durch sanfte EASYClick Waschbürsten
  • Schnelle Fahrradreinigung, je nach Verschmutzungsgrad in 1 – 5 Minuten
  • Umweltfreundlich und gründlich
  • Geschlossener Wasserkreislauf und justierbare Düsen für einen optimalen Wirkungsgrad
  • Praktische Fahrrad-Führungsschiene mit Laufrollen und Rampe entlang der Waschbürsten
  • Auffangwannen für Abtropfwasser beim Ein- und Ausschub für ein sauberes Umfeld
  • Hochwertige Ausführung mit Edelstahlrahmen und Vollkunststoff/Polycarbonat-Gehäuse