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Easyrent and Easywork

Rental software for bikes

Use the Easyrent rental software and Easywork software module to manage the rental, service, repair, and assembly of bikes. Keep on top of the entire process, from order acceptance to billing!


Allocation of items.

  • Sales items from inventory
  • Customer items, customer property
  • Creation and management
  • Service items – predefined items
  • With fixed price or by labor hours
  • Rental items



  • Text management
  • Device overview


Price info.

  • Approval, maximum costs
  • Query info


Status management.

  • New order, quotation created, order approved, in progress, completed, collected



  • Accept order
  • Add additional items
  • Change status
  • Add notes, remarks
  • "Order complete" notification



  • Collection date, place



  • Storage location
  • Handover – digital signature
  • Adjustment status


Customer information.

  • SMS, e-mail


Check, evaluation.

  • Order overview
  • Service monitor
  • Log entries



  • Work order
  • Labels
  • Digital signature


Easywork is available as both a standalone program and as an extension to the Easyrent workstation.