Band saw blade service expanded

New service department at Sägen GmbH in Arnstadt

WINTERSTEIGER is expanding its range of blade services, covering band saw blades for resaw and log band saws, with a blade width from 50 to 260 mm.


By adding to the existing production plant of Sägen GmbH in Arnstadt, Germany, space has been created to service band saw blades with high-quality CNC wet-grinding machines and automatic as well as manual benching centers. Thanks to our skilled staff, who monitor the individual work steps, we ensure that WINTERSTEIGER band saw blades are processed to a highest possible quality.



  • Blade cleaning
  • Sharpening, tensioning, straightening
  • Upset-forging
  • Stellitizing
  • Blade welding


Through the professional service of the band saw blades, we guarantee that your blades will be finished to the highest standard, leaving with you the perfect tool for your cutting process.