New mechanical top layer measurement system at Tilo GmbH

Greater efficiency in quality control at Tilo GmbH.


The traditional Upper Austrian company Tilo makes no compromises when it comes to quality. That is why the decision-makers are once again relying on the expertise of WINTERSTEIGER. When ordering the mechanical top layer measurement system, the family business selected a professional product that measures top layers quickly and efficiently, and checks for customer-specific tolerances and qualities. The result: Significantly enhanced efficiency in production. The Tilo family business has stood for high-quality floors, stairs, and skirting boards made of natural raw materials since 1950. The products are still manufactured at the production site in Lohnsburg, Upper Austria, today. The new mechanical top layer measurement system from WINTERSTEIGER, Ried im Innkreis, has been in operation there for about five weeks.



Further development of in-house top layer production.

“The machine operates extremely precisely, with a measuring accuracy of ±0.05 mm,” says Franz Vöcklinger, Area Sales Manager at WINTERSTEIGER. In addition to the mechanical thickness measurement of the top layers, the system also checks customer-specific tolerances and qualities. By using the mechanical top layer measurement system from WINTERSTEIGER, Tilo is underlining its innovative standards and further expanding its core expertise in its own top layer production.


Measurement tracks provide more than 350 measurements per meter.

The new WINTERSTEIGER measuring system essentially takes over quality controlling during the production process, so to speak. After cutting, the Tilo employees allow the top layers – with a width between 140 and 260 mm and a thickness of 2.2 to 4 mm – to pass through the measuring system. The customer defines how many mechanical measurement tracks are fitted and how they are positioned, and adjusts this to the individual product range. With a feed rate of 40 m/min, each of these measurement tracks delivers more than 350 measurements per meter.

Optional color coding further enhances efficiency.

The automatic knothole detection system ensures that a knothole is not identified as a thickness error. An especially practical feature is that Tilo employees are able to select the categories to which the measured top layers are assigned directly from the machine. “This means one less step and therefore greater efficiency in production,” explains Stefan Hargassner, operations technician at Tilo. According to WINTERSTEIGER, the optionally available color-coding feature also promises higher efficiency. The measured top layers can be sorted quickly and easily in a final step, according to the color code applied. In addition to quality controlling during the production process, as has been successfully implemented at the Tilo site in Lohnsburg, the mechanical top layer measurement system is also used in the incoming and outgoing goods inspection. Combination with further WINTERSTEIGER products is also possible quickly and easily – for example, integration into a partially or fully automated measurement and sorting system for top layers. “This makes WINTERSTEIGER's automatic top layer measurement system a versatile and reliable partner in day-to-day work processes that delivers even greater performance, efficiency, and control,” emphasizes Vöcklinger.