Cut Coach honored: Tension simulator from SERRA is the "KWF Profi"

The German Committee for Forestry and Forest Engineering (KWF) has recently awarded the Cut Coach from SERRA Maschinenbau GmbH in Rimsting with the KWF "Profi" (Pro) mark of approval. The tension simulator for tree trunks and logs with a diameter of up to 40 cm is a training device for bodies such as fire brigades, forestry educational institutions, and trade associations. The log is clamped in three places and bent in different directions. In doing so, the sawyer learns to find a safe cutting pattern and avoids the high risk of accidents posed by jammed chainsaws or rebounding trunks in situations that have to be rectified quickly, for example following a storm.


The Cut Coach was developed at the suggestion of and in collaboration with the renowned Bavarian forestry training center (Bayerische Waldbauernschule) in Kehlheim and has been in use there since 2009. It is also used in Luxembourg, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The Cut Coach was thoroughly tested prior to the award. "KWF Profi" devices for forestry fulfil all the requirements of current technical standards regarding economics, safety, ergonomics, and ecology.



Clamp, bend, saw: Suitable positions for safe sawing are identified on the Cut Coach.

The tennis ball is hurled into the air and demonstrates the force of the tree trunk snapping back.