In industry and trade, WINTERSTEIGER is known for its machinery and systems. However, many products that are produced on our machines are also used by you! In our series "WINTERSTEIGER AROUND YOU", we show where these products are found in everyday life and what role WINTERSTEIGER plays in them.


Episode 10Wood surface repair


This is where the comparison with the dentist ends. TRC stands for "Timber Repair & Cosmetics": wood for furniture panels, parquet flooring or wall paneling is repaired fully automatically with the TRC systems, i.e. the time-consuming manual cleaning and filling of knotholes and cracks is eliminated. 


Before the repair process, the holes are precisely measured with a 3D scanner. The system knows exactly how much filler to place and where. The material is then injected at high pressure, allowing it to penetrate particularly deeply into the spot. The result is products in the popular rustic style for country house floorboards, for example.


Organic also works! More and more consumers prefer ecological materials in the home. That is why WINTERSTEIGER has developed the TRC 1550 Organic: It works with a mineral filler made of limestone and talc.


Learn more about wood surface repair now: www.wintersteiger.com/trc