Exciting times for Seedmech: new machines, new customers

Cibus New: Crop Spider plot separator

Exciting times for Seedmech: new machines, new customers

The market volume for field research equipment increased significantly in the mid-2000s, and that was a global trend. The Seedmech division grew with the market, and lots of machines were newly developed, enhanced, or modified.


In 2007, the HEGE 212 harvester was modified for grasses, clover, and other fodder crops and from then on was marketed as the Cibus forage harvester. By adapting the Split dual plot combine for rapeseed and grain, we were able to win new customers in this segment. The large plot combine Alpha came about almost as a by-product. It used the same basic machine as the Split, but was not split.

First “Company & Field Days”

CibusPresentation of the new Cibus forage harvester at “Company & Field Days”

The wide array of new products was unveiled for the first time in 2009 at one of the large international customer events, the “Company & Field Days”. The invitation generated huge interest, with over 250 visitors from all over the world visiting WINTERSTEIGER in Ried from 30 June to 2 July 2009. There were demonstrations of the machines in the field at the seed cultivation site in Reichersberg, including two newcomers: the 8-row precision spaced planter and the self-driving Crop Spider plot separator. The latter was playfully nicknamed “Nasenbär” (coati) by the engineering team due to its striking appearance.


In 2010, the Dynamic Disc precision spaced planter was engineered; this machine enables users to achieve very short alleys. The HEGE 1000 evolved into the Rowseed XL single row seeder.

Split, Alpha

The Split (foreground) and Alpha (rear) presented at the “Company & Field Days”

Dynamic Disc

Premiere: The eight-row Dynamic Disc precision spaced planter was unveiled in 2009.

2008: Group photo technicians