The Company

WINTERSTEIGER AG is an Austrian mid-sized enterprise with an annual turnover of >EUR 150 million. The company is owned by financial holding companies of the Hanseatic Lange family of entrepreneurs, namely LJH Holding GmbH and ULM Management GmbH. We share our holding companies' interest in maintaining a sound, sustainable policy of growth, and our above-average profitability is the foundation for achieving this growth.


Our policy of reinvestment has resulted in a strong equity position, making our company largely independent from external equity providers.


The cornerstone of our entrepreneurial philosophy rests on innovation, sustainability and stability. We also foster transparency for business practices, eco-friendly strategies and strict observance of the Corporate Governance Code.

Mag. Harold Kostka | CFO
Phone +43 (0)7752 919 221

The Management


WINTERSTEIGER AG and its holding companies are run by external managers: the goal is for Board and executive positions to be held by the candidate who is personally and technically most capable.


The Supervisory Board consists of six professionally appointed members, who work with Group Management Board to determine corporate policy and decide on managerial appointments.




Our Vision & Mission



We win and delight our customers as flexible and international leading specialist. We contribute to the sustainable success with innovative products and services, with lean processes and qulaified employees.



We turn our customers' requirements into solutions!

In our globalized world, companies are subject to a multitude of external influences and are exposed to a constantly and rapidly changing market environment. Decisive success factors for medium-sized companies are personal identity, decision-making power, market proximity, flexibility, close employee loyalty and motivation, and a focus on core competencies and processes:



  • Precision applications to conventional products in the field of mechanical engineering
  • Know How man-machine-operation


Manufacturing processes

  • Mastery of a high variety of products and variants
  • Assembly in the Total Model Mix "Just In Time"


Business processes

  • Worldwide sales and service in the niche market
  • Mastery of highly complex business processes


In order to meet these requirements, we pay great attention to the selection of our employees, especially when filling upper management positions in the specialist departments and subsidiaries. In addition, we focus on defining the corporate strategy, the corporate organization and the sound implementation and financing of investment and acquisition projects in line with our strategic guidelines.

Our primary goal is to further expand and strengthen our existing SEEDMECH, SPORTS, WOODTECH and METALS divisions. This is to take place via the systematic improvement and extension of our existing product portfolios in these areas, plus entry into new markets and sales areas.


We also plan to complement this approach with appropriate acquisitions in existing business segments - this tactic also includes expansions into vertically or horizontally adjacent areas that match customer business processes. This approach will strengthen and develop our successful areas of business.


In the medium term, WINTERSTEIGER AG is also aiming to establish one or two new segments in addition to the existing divisions. This process will involve us retaining our position as a successful mid-sized business, and we wish to support and further develop our holdings while retaining their identity. Our financial resources permit us to proceed on a path of profitable, sustainable growth.

Our target business is primarily a specialized manufacturing company, namely: economically healthy, successful suppliers to a niche market with global market leader potential. These companies will already be well-positioned in their segments and distinguished by their uniqueness, their profitability and their potential for international growth. We assume that the management team will remain in the company - at least for the duration of an appropriate changeover period.


Our envisaged acquisitions would ideally involve the employment of succession management, growth financing or Group spin-offs. As a first step, we would strive to achieve a majority shareholding as a minimum; the overall acquisition can then be completed in phases.


Target companies should report a maximum turnover of EUR 50 million.


A. Successors to profitable family-owned businesses

Owners of mid-sized businesses withdraw from the day-to-day management of their healthy company and relinquish their entrepreneurial responsibility as a partner. At the same time, they are also keen to retain the independence, identity and further development of their business in the long term. Notwithstanding the presence of a reliable second-level technical/management team, no appropriate successor is available.


Business Position

  • Manufacturing business (preferably machinery construction)
  • Strong market position in attractive niche markets
  • Headquartered in the German-speaking economic region
  • No dependence/low dependence on customers and suppliers
  • Well-established second-level technical/management team
  • At least 7 years' market presence



  • Turnover EUR 5 - 30 million
  • Above-average, sustainable profitability EBIT ≥ 10 %
  • Sound balance sheet
  • Low debt equity ratio



B. Growth financing operations and Group spin-offs

Companies with a good niche market position are making plans to expand, to launch new products or to internationalize their field of business. Dependency on institutional capital funding is to be avoided: instead, their express preference is for capital investors with a long-term entrepreneurial outlook.


International corporations, on the other hand, wish to divest themselves of holdings that no longer match the core business of the company. These holdings are possibly experiencing a transition phase or a period of downturn. They are looking for committed owners with an entrepreneurial approach to fund their independent further development.


Business Position

  • Manufacturing business (preferably machinery construction)
  • Strong market position in attractive niche markets
  • Headquartered in the German-speaking economic region
  • No dependence/low dependence on customers and suppliers
  • Well-established second-level technical/management team
  • At least 7 years' market presence



  • Turnover EUR 10 - 50 million
  • Excellent potential for profits despite current slack phase
  • Minimum profitability EBIT -5 %
  • Sound balance sheet

Since WINTERSTEIGER AG and its owners finance acquisitions primarily with equity, this ensures that they remain free from conflicts of interest and restrictions involving other investors and can focus on prioritizing the interests of the company itself. In this process, the continuity, autonomy and active business development of the acquired company are of utmost importance.


We are interested solely in long-term commitments - we focus primarily on the further expansions and the internationalization of the company. As entrepreneurs, we take an active part in the development of our holdings, both strategically and - where appropriate - operatively, lending our support to the existing management team.

We naturally assume both discretion and absolute confidentiality during the acquisition process. We also believe that mutual trust, fairness and respect are equally important - both before and after the deal.


A. Procedure

We wish to ensure that acquisition negotiations are structured efficiently and conducted seriously at all times. Accordingly, we only initiate the actual negotiation process if the information that has been supplied to us can provide a positive impression of the company's earning power, its general field of business and its market position.


In the ensuing negotiations we can then proceed quickly and unbureaucratically, and make rapid, pragmatic decisions; our Supervisory Board is kept continuously informed and involved during the entire acquisition process.


B. Valuation

The typical areas reviewed as part of a detailed valuation ("due diligence") include Market & Competition, Customers & Suppliers, Finance & Accounts, Taxes, Legal and Environment.


We conduct the commercial portions of due diligence ourselves; here, we believe it is important to interview selected customers and management staff in order to better understand the corporate culture and non-quantifiable corporate values. For formal due diligence processes, we work together with distinguished external advisors such as auditors, attorneys, tax consultants and market research institutes.


C. Financing

As a rule, we finance acquisitions from a conservative mix of equity and outside capital. While the equity portion is provided solely by ourselves, the outside capital portion is financed via traditional bank loans.


We view a limited seller's loan as an expression of confidence in the quality and sustainability of the company being offered for sale.