WINTERSTEIGER presents gifts to Ried Hospital - 10 air purification devices and a big edible "thank-you"

CubusanIn the photo (from left to right): Dr. Johannes Huber (Medical Director), Mag. Harold Kostka (CFO WINTERSTEIGER), Mag. Johann Minihuber (Managing Director), Dr. Florestan von Boxberg (CEO WINTERSTEIGER), Petra Stelzer (Value Management), Gerhard Gebetsberger (Administrative Director, Finance, Construction and Technology)

For Christmas, the Barmherzige Schwestern Hospital in Ried is receiving ten of WINTERSTEIGER's own Cubusan devices for disinfecting indoor air. And staff at the hospital are also set to enjoy a sack of delicious treats, with a total value of 25,000 euros.


Mag. Johann Minihuber, Managing Director of the hospital, explains: “As hospital employees, we are constantly working in a highly sensitive environment. We consider the protection of our patients every bit as important as that of our employees. That's why we are delighted to be receiving these devices - they will allow us to make our meeting rooms even safer. And the treat bags for all are guaranteed to be a hit with our workers too. They really deserve them!”


“Giving our Christmas donation to the hospital in Ried was an obvious choice this year. The staff there are doing an outstanding job in the daily fight against COVID-19, in particular at this time of year, and they deserve our sincere thanks,” explains Dr. Florestan von Boxberg, CEO of WINTERSTEIGER AG.