In industry and trade, WINTERSTEIGER is known for its machinery and systems. However, many products that are produced on our machines are also used by you! In our series "WINTERSTEIGER AROUND YOU", we show where these products are found in everyday life and what role WINTERSTEIGER plays in them.


Episode 9Power Fit Socks


They are almost invisible and often underestimated: sports socks. WINTERSTEIGER offers "Power Fit Socks" for almost every sport under the BOOTDOC brand and their functions are impressive.


First of all, the compression: this makes the feet tire less and regenerate much faster after skiing, running, mountaineering, playing soccer, tennis, cycling, etc. This is especially true of the "High" sock model, which reaches the knee. Then there's the stability: Power Fit Socks sit wrinkle-free on the foot. This gives better support and more stability while exercising. And finally, the special material CUTEC – a yarn with incorporated copper. It has a disinfecting effect and improves the foot climate in the sports shoe. Ecological considerations are not neglected either: we use ECONYL®, a yarn made from recycled fishing nets.


WINTERSTEIGER has built up extensive expertise in boot fitting – which means the perfect-fitting sports shoe. BOOTDOC products are developed in collaboration with top athletes from skiing, tennis, volleyball, etc. and are constantly improved.


Learn more about power fit socks now: boot-doc.com/powerfitsocks