ASFINAG relies on WINTERSTEIGER drying system

ASFINAG setzt auf WINTERSTEIGER Trockner© Astrid/AdobeStock.com_319534599

Stationed west of Graz, Markus Bratschko and the employees at ASFINAG Autobahnmeisterei Unterwald work day in, day out to make sure driving on the A2 south highway is safe. The A2 has seen some particularly treacherous conditions during recent winters, not least due to the extreme snowfall and its exposed location along the Southern Alps.


“During the winter months, my team of 16 is ready for anything with its six snow plow trucks,” explains Markus Bratschko, highway maintenance manager in Unterwald. “Throughout this time, my people are working round the clock in really tough conditions. That’s why it’s essential that employees can get properly warm and recharge during their breaks. During these breaks, our WINTERSTEIGER Tantum Boot 15 Sterex drying panel keeps boots dry and warm. The disinfection unit is an add-on and neutralizes odors in boots,” concludes Bratschko, full of enthusiasm.