WINTERSTEIGER supports employee after agricultural accident

From left to right: Harold Kostka (CFO), Roman Schusterbauer, Elisabeth Kriechbaumer (Director Human Resources) and Dr. Florestan von Boxberg (CEO)

While working on his farm in June, Roman Schusterbauer suffered a serious accident and had to have both legs amputated below the knee. Instead of giving gifts to our clients for Christmas, WINTERSTEIGER has been offering support to those who need it for a number of years and this year, the Schusterbauer family were chosen.


The 38-year-old has come a long way since his accident 6 months ago and bravely faces each day as it comes on two prosthetics: “Everything is twice as hard as it was before, but to a large extent I’m able to carry on living my life as before. I can even still drive my car and tractor,” explains Schusterbauer. At home, the father of three is supported by his family: “When you have children, you automatically look to the future.”


The financial support provided by his company has come at the perfect time owing to construction works at their home. The family is moving from the upper floor of the building to the lower floor. “Roman Schusterbauer has been working for WINTERSTEIGER for 14 years, starting as a customer service technician for combines. We respect his courage and spirit and continue to wish him nothing but confidence and energy for the challenges ahead,” says WINTERSTEIGER CEO Florestan von Boxberg.


WINTERSTEIGER social fund.

Roman Schusterbauer will receive 5,000 euros from the WINTERSTEIGER social fund. This fund is paid for from the proceeds of internal auctions, for example from the sale of surplus office furniture, and has been gratefully topped up by the Management Board. WINTERSTEIGER has been able to use this social fund to provide straightforward and unbureaucratic support to those in need.