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LD 350

Laboratory thresher.

The WINTERSTEIGER LD 350 is a laboratory thresher for use with individual plants, bundles and small plots: a wide range of crops can be threshed from very small vegetable seeds to large beans.


The LD 350 is suitable for threshing, de-awning and cleaning cereals, pulses, vegetable seeds, clover, grass, rice, etc. without breakage, loss of seed or mixing.

  • Bundles of crop are fed into the threshing unit via the loading hopper
  • Stepless wind speed adjustment means maximum cleaning of the crop
  • Straw is collected in a sack while the smaller chaff particles are separated from the seeds and are collected in two separate drawers
  • Stepless variable adjustment of the threshing drum speed, 18 different concaves, de-awners and beaters ensure simple adjustment for different types of crop