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LD 180

Laboratory thresher.

The WINTERSTEIGER LD 180 is a laboratory thresher for cereals, peas, grass and small grain crops.


The clear-view screen creates an unobstructed view of the threshing and cleaning process, enabling precise control of the threshing process.

  • The individual heads or bundles up to 18 cm in length can be fed into the threshing drum. Alternatively, the entire stem can be fed into the threshing drum and the empty heads taken out, still on the stems
  • A foot pedal is used to open the bottom door of the drum and empty the contents into the seed drawer
  • The wind flow can be adjusted so the harvested crop is as clean as possible
  • Simple stepless adjustment of the threshing drum speed for different types of crop
  • The chaff and the remaining stalks are extracted by a fan into a chaff sack