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Cibus F

Plot forage harvester.

The Cibus F plot forage harvester has all the technical features required for harvesting grass, clover and other forage crops.


The machine’s modular design supports precise customization to reflect harvesting conditions and requirements. Its dimensions and low weight give the machine excellent maneuverability between the plots and make the machine easy to transport.

WINTERSTEIGER's experienced sales staff can help tailor an individual solution to fit your needs!

  • Best harvesting performance, mixfree harvested material thanks to conveyor feeder with two rotating brushes
  • Cutting tables with various cutting widths make the machine universally deployable
  • Easy operation thanks to hydraulic steering, hydrostatic drive train, and a multifunction lever for all driving and harvesting functions
  • Mobile data collection and sampling systems support efficient harvest with convenient controls and excellent precision
  • The harvested material can be discharged either to the left or right, or to the ground at the rear