Wax Future vs traditional ski waxing methods

Traditionally, ski shops offering the highest levels of ski service would hand wax your skis and then hot box them to condition the bases and have them skiing their best. It was a time-consuming, labor intensive process that used a lot of wax. First they would wax your skis using a hand held iron to drip wax on them, and then iron the wax in. Once that was done, they would run your skis through 1 or 2 three-hour hot box cycles with additional wax applied between each cycle. This time consuming process had long been considered the best way to wax your skis or snowboard. But like all things, with time comes new and better technology. Meet the Wax Future!


The WINTERSTEIGER Wax Future provides an automated deep heating process via infrared lamps for skis and snowboards. Infrared waxing is a deep wax conditioning treatment that allows the wax to saturate the base material of the skis or board more fully than can be accomplished with traditional ironing and thermal bag/hot boxing (or sometimes referred to as "the ski sauna"). This results in the deepest saturation level of waxing available - providing more perfect glide over longer distances - and helps keep your ski bases protected over a longer period of time.


Infrared waxing is superior to traditional ironing in that it uses much less wax and takes much less time to do. Making it both more eco-friendly and efficient. When wax is crayoned on or rolled on with a WINTERSTEIGER Waxpro 40 wax roller and run through the Wax Future, instead of ironing it in with a hand-held iron, it avoids "hot spots" that can occur using a hand-held iron. This not only saves time, but reduces the risk of overheating the ski base. With the Wax Future your entire base is evenly heated under the moving infrared lamp, providing consistent wax penetration across the length of the ski or board.


World Cup race service teams have been using infrared waxing machines for years, and infrared has all but replaced hot boxing. Infrared waxing allows greater initial saturation of wax into the ski base than ironing alone and allows the skis to be more completely saturated than ironing. 


A pair of Fischer race skis on the Wintersteiger Wax Future


Why should you have your skis or snowboard serviced with a Wax Future instead of hand waxing and ironing?

  1. Consistent and even heating across entire surface of skis/boards. There is no chance your skis will be overheated by rubbing too long on one spot like could be done with a traditional iron.
  2. Deeper penetration for better base conditioning which leads to better gliding properties that last longer – so you can get away with waxing less often.
  3. Uses less wax than traditional hot iron waxing or hot boxing does, so more economical and better for the environment.
  4. Quicker, so if you fail to plan ahead, you can still get a great base preparation/hot wax on your skis or board.
  5. Unlike hot boxing, you do not have to take the bindings off your skis or board, so there is no chance that that someone will strip the holes and your binding mount or skis/board will be compromised.


The WINTERSTEIGER Wax Future truly is the wave of the future! Ask for it at your favorite local ski shop and experience the WINTERSTEIGER difference.