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Extensive solutions and interfaces

Basic and entry-level solution


Basic and entry-level solution.


  • Basic functions
  • Customer management
  • Payment functions
  • User administration
  • System/servicing



Easycheckin Simple customer pre-acquisition


Simple customer pre-acquisition.


  • Quick and easy customer pre-acquisition
  • Multiple languages (choice of up to 20 languages)
  • Group and family functions
  • Individually configurable fields and screens
  • Touchscreen or keyboard/mouse operation
  • Automatic search for regular customers
  • Prints out sales slips or customer labels
  • Multiple steps for rental, binding adjustment and servicing
Back office solution for evaluations


Back office solution for evaluations.


  • Back office workplace
  • Sales/payment lists
  • List collection
  • Travel agency/tour guide account
  • Statistics/customized reports
  • External evaluation tool


Solution for mobile workplaces


Solution for mobile workplaces.


  • PDA/tablet as a mobile workplace
  • Rent, exchange, return
  • Upsales
  • Material redistribution and checking
  • Inventory checking




EasySBdepot Selbstbedienungsautomat


Self-service machine.


  • Lockable housing
  • Easy-to-use software, multiple languages available
  • Integrated chip reader
  • Credit card terminal interface



Various networking options


Various networking options.


  • Networking of branches through either a central terminal server solution or a replication solution – true database
  • Synchronization in the background
  • Mixed operation is also possible
Network solution for multiple dealerships


Network solution for multiple dealers.


  • Networking of several companies in one data pool
  • Shared database – defined data access
  • Automatic clearing by material and service

Easyinterfaces Schnittstellenlösungen zu anderen Produkten


Solutions for interfacing with other products.


  • Payment systems – Europay, Card Complete, Pay Life, Pepper, babs, nets, Shift4, PC Charge
  • Merchandise management systems – Intersport ISIS, Wawin, Medeas, advarics, Rebel, Intersys, WinRetail
  • Depot solutions – Metra, Gladek, Sulzberg, Gantner, Salto
  • Reservation systems – IS Rent, Sport 2000, Skiset, Waldhart, Alpinresorts, Snowell, Skimium, Best Price, Skibay
  • Hotel PMS systems – Mafis, Fidelio, Protel, Opera
  • Ski pass systems – Skidata, Team Axess
  • Fiscal systems – Italy, Norway, Sweden
  • Other interfaces – DSV Insurance, Intersport eCRM, Waldhart Ski School Software, external binding setting devices, SOAP interface, various customer data imports

Easyhardware Various special hardware componentsSpecial hardware components


Special hardware components.


  • Touchscreen PC components
  • Sales slip, label, and laser printers
  • Customer display, cash drawer
  • Wireless or corded scanners
  • ID registration with external OCR reader for passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, credit cards
  • Magnetic card reader for credit cards
  • IP cameras for photographing
  • ID cards and other security documents
  • Digital signature pad – protected, legally compliant documents through digital certificate and biometric signature
  • Addimat – waiter lock