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Thin-cutting Frame Saws

Behind the fascination of every moment that nature offers us with its complex beauty there is always a concept for tomorrow. We at WINTERSTEIGER have learned a lesson from this. All our developments are characterised by a holistic forward-looking approach which is well thought out and completely sustainable. WINTERSTEIGER’s thin-cutting frame saws are a good example of this.
Thus their low and unrivalled cutting losses enable us to achieve a twofold effect: conservation of a natural resource - wood - and significant savings for our customers. This is what we understand by intelligent success and also thinking further ahead in future.

Veneer cut

1 mm top layer

Due to the price increase for high-quality lumber, there is an increasing trend towards thinner top layers. The combination of the WINTERSTEIGER DSG Notum thin-cutting frame saw and the DSB Compact XM thin-cutting band saw with feeding magazine makes it possible to saw veneers that are just 1 mm thick. The thin-cutting band saw and the cutting process have been optimized to ensure even rustic woods can be sawn.

Combining these WINTERSTEIGER machines provides a technical solution that allows users to produce efficiently and consistently high quality sawn veneers that are just 1 mm thick.


This veneer cutting process enables you to maximize the yield of your valuable raw material.