New WINTERSTEIGER product at LIGNA: DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw

  • Austrian manufacturer presenting a new product along with its entire product range on Stand F60, Hall 27
  • Automation expertise for customer-specific production systems through VAP Gruber Automations GmbH, part of the WINTERSTEIGER group


WINTERSTEIGER AG will be presenting the new "DSB Singlehead NG XM" thin-cutting band saw for the first time at LIGNA. With this new product, the thin-cutting specialist from Upper Austria has set its sights on flexibility and efficiency – this band saw can be extended to up to 6 machines connected in-line.




Flexibility and Efficiency.

DSB Singlehead NG XMThe new DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw delivers the ultimate in precision for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Flexibility and efficiency – these are the 2 main selling points of the new DSB Singlehead NG XM thin-cutting band saw. The machine was developed with changing customer requirements for timber cutting in mind, irrespective of timbers and applications. The result? The machine excels at both wet and dry cutting, with a cutting width of up to 350 mm and a maximum block height of 165 mm. It enables extremely thin lamellas from 1.3 mm to be produced with a kerf starting at 1.1 mm. The robust design and WINTERSTEIGER's years of experience in thin-cutting guarantee maximum machine availability while making the DSB Singlehead NG XM extremely efficient.

Technical refinements.

2-Modulige Dünnschnitt-Bandsäge 2-module thin-cutting band saw DSB Singlehead NG XM

This thin-cutting band saw incorporates a number of technical refinements designed to optimize timber cutting, such as the feed system for robust block guidance: Driven feed rollerstop and bottom guarantee continuous block feeding, even when faced with irregular workpiece characteristics. The specially rubberized feed rollers and the innovative down pressure system guarantee optimum grip as well as minimum friction for wet or dry material.


The high-tech saw control is another plus point. Thanks to the smooth saw blade entry system, the saw makes contact with the wood block at a reduced speed and only accelerates once it has fully entered the block. This reduces deflection, which protects the saw and improves the quality of the lamella. The machine also features a sensor-controlled saw blade monitoring system. Sensors monitor the saw blade and stop the saw if it starts to drift. This protects the saw blade and machine, while reducing tool costs and waste.

Extension to up to 6 machines.

The DSB Singlehead NG XM can be extended from an individual machine to a multi-module production system.

The DSB Singlehead NG XM can be extended from an individual machine to a multi-module production system. Up to 6 machines can be connected in series to extend the thin-cutting band saw to keep up with rising demand.

Machines and plants from a single source.

If customer-specific production systems are needed, then the automation expertise of the WINTERSTEIGER group – provided by VAP Gruber Automations GmbH – is at hand. WINTERSTEIGER and VAP Gruber Automations provide automatic thin-cutting band saw systems and special systems for multi-layer products, as well as automatic timber repair systems for restoring timber surfaces with the TRC (Timber Repair & Cosmetics) product line.

Complete product range spread over 500 m² on Stand F60 in Hall 27.


WINTERSTEIGER will be presenting its entire product range at LIGNA. In the area of timber surface repair, the team will be presenting 2 machines from the TRC product line: The semi-automatic TRC 1000 system and the TRC-M Easy entry model. In terms of thin-cutting band saws, the entry-level model DSB Compact 310, the DSB Twinhead NG XM and DSB Singlehead 660 thin-cutting band saws will be on display alongside the new DSB Singlehead NG XM. In the area of thin-cutting frame saws, WINTERSTEIGER will be showcasing the DSG Notum – the saw for the most economical thin cut. Hard metal and Stellite® saw blades, developed and manufactured by WINTERSTEIGER, will be rounding up its exhibit program.